Our Services

We provide several services for families in crisis.

Supervised Visitation Services

The Supervised Visitation Service provided by Hearts and Homes enables safe and secure parenting time for non-custodial parents and their children.  The visitation monitor acts as a confidential and neutral third party, observing and monitoring the meeting and ensuring the child’s wellbeing.  Visits typically take place in the H&H welcoming, home-like environment, with comfortable furniture, toys, books and games, although H&H also monitors parenting time in the home or other locations.  The building and the visitation rooms are equipped with unobtrusive video surveillance cameras and recordings can be made of visits. More information about our supervised visitation services here.

Custody Exchange Services

The Custody Exchange Service provided by Hearts and Homes offers separated or divorced parents a supervised and safe environment for drop-off and pick-up of their child or children. The exchange monitor acts as a neutral third party and facilitates the transfer of the child or children between conflicted parents in accordance with a parenting plan or legal arrangement.    The exchanges take place in a welcoming, home-like environment which is equipped with unobtrusive video surveillance cameras for added security.

More information about our custody exchange services here.